What a terrific week we have planned for you! We are happy that you have decided to join us for an exciting, fun-filled, memory-making C.A.M.P.S. 2018!  


                                     WHAT  TO BRING

                          Seriously Ridiculous outfit for the Capital Ball

                                                                       sleeping bag


                                                                towels/beach towels




                                                        “Old” clothes for messy activities

                                                   comfortable clothes for indoor activities

                                                                extra socks and shirts



                                                                        bathing suit

                                                                  sunscreen/bug spray

                                           money for Burger King stop on Monday for lunch



                                            money for optional purchase of CAMPS T-Shirt,

                                                                   snack bar/CD’s/books


                                                                slippers for indoor use

                                                                   DO NOT BRING

                                                            Ipods/ipads, iparaphernalia

                                                            home entertainment systems


                                                               weapons (including knives)


                                                                         illegal drugs

                                                                          cell phones

                                      Important Information for Parents

1. CELL PHONES and CAMERAS are strictly prohibited at CAMPS due to minor privacy laws. We are asking that you do not send either of these with your child. However, we know that many parents would like their child to have a cell phone for communication purposes to confirm their safe arrival or to co-ordinate pick-up times on the return bus trip. If this is the case, please inform your son or daughter that upon arrival at registration they will be asked to turn in their cell phone. It will be kept in a secure place and returned to them at the end of the weekend. If a cell phone or camera is found after registration, the camper will be sent home immediately - no exceptions. Please remember -  this is to protect the privacy of your son or daughter. 

2 .CAMPS may use balloons during the week. If your child is allergic to latex, please contact the coordinator to discuss your child’s options during that event.

3. The CAMPS busses will stop for lunch at Burger King on the way up on Monday. Arrival time at Lakeside will be sometime after 12:30pm depending on traffic. Parents driving their children should not arrive until after 1:00pm but before 2:30pm. The last meal on Saturday will be at 11:30am with departure by 1:00pm

4. It is our honor and privilege to serve you and your family by playing a small part in the faith development of your teenage son or daughter. We take our responsibilities very seriously and will in every part of our ministry strive for excellence. Our prayer is that every camper develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and have one of the best weeks of their lives!